Hostel Facilities

Hostel Facilities

The college has hostel accommodation for deserving meritorious students, both boys and girls in two separate hostels within the campus. Construction of new RCC Girls' and Boys' Hostel are completed with the financial grant from UGC and State Govt. These hostels are managed by the college under hostel rules. Adequate care is taken to provide all necessary facilities to the boarders. Allotments of hostel seats are made strictly on merit and distance. Adequate security is provided by the college authority to the boarders. Running Water facilities to the boarders are made available round the clock.

Hostel Rules & Regulations:

        The college hostels are under the direct control of the college authority and the respective wardens.

        A boarder shall have to stay in the room allotted to him/her with two or more inmates.

        Inmates of each room shall be individually and jointly responsible for the furniture, electrical fittings etc. and any damage to the hostel property is recoverable from them.

        A boarder shall have to occupy the seat allotted to him/her by the hostel warden within 15 (fifteen) days of hostel admission, failing which he/she shall have to forego the seat allotted to him/her. Boarders shall not be permitted to change their rooms without the permission of the hostel warden.

        Boarders desiring to entertain guests (only ex-boarders) shall have to obtain prior permission from the warden. No female guest shall be allowed to stay in boys' hostel. Similarly, no male guest shall be allowed to stay in the girls' hostel. No guest shall be allowed to stay in the hostel during the period of examination.

        The boarders having mobile phones must produce an undertaking from their guardians. He/she will not be allowed to use the mobile phones during reading hours.

        Ragging in the hostel is strictly prohibited.

        The boarders must obey the mess rules framed by the respective hostel wardens.

        The warden shall have the full authority to refuse permission to any outsider or guest to enter the hostel premises.

        A boarder going out for any reason shall report back at the hostel by 6 pm during Summer (March to September) and 4 pm during Winter (October to February) so as to attend Roll Call and evening prayer. Violation of this rule shall attract appropriate penal action and the concerned parents will be informed accordingly.

  • A boarder shall be liable to stringent disciplinary action including expulsion from the Hostel/College on any the following grounds :
    • (a) theft
    • (b) ragging
    • (c) unusual conduct
    • (d) use of drugs, cigarettes etc.
    • (e) any form of fights
    • (f) non-payment of dues
    • (g) unauthorized absence.
    In such case the boarder shall forfeit his/her hostel deposit.
  • A boarder wishing to go out of the hostel shall obtain prior permission of the warden specifying the period during which he/she shall remain absent. Violation of this rule shall entail punishment that may lead to expulsion from the hostel as well as college.
  • A boarder who wants to leave the hostel shall inform the warden in writing at least a week in advance failing which he/she shall have to pay the hostel charges for the whole month.
  • Boarders are not permitted to install extra electric fittings in their rooms. Violation of this rule, if detected, will attract punitive action. Boarders are not allowed to cook food anywhere in the hostel premises. The hostel mess will be managed by the mess secretary from among the boarders and approved by the warden.
  • Any boarder suffering from infectious/contagious disease such as Pox, TB, Typhoid, Cholera, Blood Dysentery, Malaria, and Jaundice shall have to leave the hostel for early treatment.
  • Casual admission to the hostel may be given to examinees to appear in the final examinations for a maximum period of three months before the commencement of Council and University Examinations.
  • Visiting Hours :
    • a) 3.00 pm to 5.00 pm on Monday to Saturday.
    • b)9.00 am to 11.00 am and 3.00 pm to 5.00 pm on Sunday.
  • Parents/Guardians may contact their wards at the following telephone numbers, between 4.00 pm to 6.00 pm
    • a) Boys' Hostel : 9435096401
    • b) Girls' Hostel : 9706284318
  • Boarders are required to maintain silence during study hours (5.00 am to 8.15 am and 6.00 pm to 10.30 pm)
  • Boarders are required not only to keep their rooms tidy, neat and clean, but also to keep their toilets clean. They also have to follow proper methods of disposal of used objects.
  • The college authority shall reserve the right to take any action at any time for maintaining discipline and decorum of the college hostels.
  • Sudden visit by the authority is a regular feature.