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Welcome to Dergaon Kamal Dowerah College

Dergaon Kamal Dowerah College was established in 1962 with a vision of academic, social, cultural and economic development in greater Dergaon area and with clear objectives to provide better education to meet the global requirements successfully. The institution ascertains the unity and integrity among the people of different communities and religions and also the uplift of the downtrodden of the region.
The large rural belt of the northern part of Golaghat district, mostly inhabited by the economically backward section of the society with a sizeable segment belonging to socially backward classes such as the scheduled castes, scheduled tribes, and tea garden labourers, was without an institution of higher education till the early nineteen sixties. As a result, higher education remained inaccessible to a large number of meritorious students hailing from this section of the society. In the post-independence socio-cultural scenario, it came to be felt as imperative to provide for these young boys and girls an opportunity for higher academic pursuit, and thereby help them shape their life as responsible citizen of a free democratic society and realize their dreams and aspirations. It was primarily with this end in view that a higher education institute was established at DERGAON, a historically important place with rich cultural heritage, in 1962 through dedicated efforts of a group of socially committed individuals like Late Noren Sarma, a socially committed public leader, Late Harakanta Mahanta, a noted educationist of the locality and many others. A munificent donation from Late Kamal Dowerah, a pious and benevolent citizen of the locality, helped the promoters to give a concrete shape to the project and in memento of it the institution was christened as DERGAON KAMAL DOWERAH COLLEGE, DERGAON.Initially started at Bapuji Mandir, a public theatre hall of Dergaon, D.K.D.College, Dergaon was brought under the system of grant-in-aid by the government in July, 1966, and subsequently the college is provincialized by the State Government in December, 2005. In 1967, the college was shifted to its present site. During the years of its existence, the college has grown to be one of the premier institutions of higher education under Dibrugarh University, Assam. Read More

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New Bacteria is discovered in D.K.D College Laboratory

A group of teachers of DKD College have discovered a rare species of bacteria in their research. The bacteria named DKDC1 was discovered while analyzing the toxin compound found in Tetrodon cutcutia i.e., Gangatoop fish.

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Computer Lab

D.K.D College have three computer laboratories featuring over one hundred computer systems.We have completely air conditioned lab that has systems which are interconnected via both wireless and high-speed LAN that further has hubs and switches

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National Cadet Corps(NCC)

NCC in D.K.D. College provides the students oppurtunities for both boys and girls.NCC for boys was formed in the year 1964 and for girls was formed in the year 1979. The present ANO of NCC for boys is Dr. Pranjal Protim Kakoty and the present CTO of NCC for girls is Dr. Labanya Das

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The Annual College Magazine DKDIAN brought out by the college Students Union.D.K.D College publishes 21 wall magazines yearly. COLLEGE NEWS LETTER published annually by DKDC Teachers Unit.Annual Souvenir 'PHONEX' is published by Economics Department.

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