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Dergaon Kamal Dowerah College wa

       Dergaon Kamal Dowerah College was established in 1962 with a vision of academic, social, cultural and economic development in greater Dergaon area and with clear objectives to provide better education to meet the global requirements successfully. The institution ascertains the unity and integrity among the people of different communities and religions and also the uplift of the downtrodden of the region

    A group of teachers of DKD College have discovered a rare species of bacteria in their research. The bacteria named DKDC1 was discovered while analyzing the toxin compound found in Tetrodon cutcutia i.e., Gangatoop fish.

    The study was carried out under Dr TG Devina, the principal investigator, along with Jugal Nath and Tikendrajit Gogoi. They revealed that the toxin found in the fish is Saxitoxin and it is harmful to human beings and if consumed leads to death after paralysis, diarrhea etc. The researchers urged all not to consume Gangatoop fish. the bacteria  is registered by NCBI USA as Aeromonas spp. DKDC-1. The study on “Extraction of tetrodotoxin from the

Assamese Botany
Chemistry Commerce
Computer Sc Economics
English Geography
History Mathematics
Philosophy Physics
Pol Science Sanskrit
Statistics Zoology

study on “Extraction of tetrodotoxin from Tetrodon cutcutia and its use as pesticides” was carried out with the financial assistance from the UGC since April, 2013.

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Tender Notice on 24/01/2020

Tender Notice on 26/09/2019

Tender Notice on 25/09/2019

Tender Notice on 14/09/2019

Tender Notice.

Revised Interview Schedule for selection of Assistant Professor in Commerce.

Revised Interview Schedule for selection of Assistant Professor in Assamese.

Interview Schedule for selection of Assistant Professor in different subjects.

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